Christian  "Noindex"  Olah

„Following dreams with naive approaches but 
humble expectations." 
                                                     - Christian „Noindex" Olah

Four years after "Noindex Rhythm Exodus" i started this project called "NaiveHumbleness".

With NaiveHumbleness i  want to give myself permission, to pursue my dreams to the fullest. I document my journey and share it with the whole world through the internet.  Feel free to join me on my way with naive approaches but humble expectations. No Fake stories or gossip, just the truth and positivity! Don't hesitate to ask me questions or reach out to me through comments, direct messages or emails.  Let's exchange and please go & create a "Naive but Humble Journey" for yourself. :) Give yourself persmission to fail.  

Naive Humbleness Season 01:
"My Screenplay for Hollywood - Lets get this movie done." 

It all started in winter 2015, with a small inspiration and the dream do write something  complex but entertaining.  After i've written a novel, transforming it into a screenplay,  realising it wouldn't work as a feature length film,  inventing a whole new plot in the same universe and keep polishing it till i thought it would be a production ready screenplay - i flew to the Hollywood Pitch Festival 2018 to pitch my work succesfully to executives and producers! See it for youself and join my on my first writing adventure with
NaiveHumbleness Season 01.




Naive Humbleness Season 02:
"Noindexin' abroad - A dance tour full of blessings"

In winter 2019, two crewmates went on an unforgetable dancejourney which changed their careers, their visions about this dance  and friendship to the better. A joyful month packed with new made friends, experiences, cultures, and competetive success. Join me and my crewmate Jilou on our USA/ASIA - Tour, in which we wrote german breaking history - twice.


Naive Humbleness Season 03:


Some other talens and their insights about life, naivety & humbleness.

  Moy Rivas - Entrepreneur

Eva Berten - Photographer

Eddie Styles - Surgical Tech



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